14th November 2012

Movember at War

It’s Movember, if you haven’t already noticed from the dodgy facial hair that’s sprouting on the faces of men the world over. The male staff at War have decided to jump on board to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues, specifically prostate and male mental health. We’d appreciate any donation you can make: http://mobro.co/TheHairyPrivates

17th July 2011

UNSW – O-Week

O Week is one of the most important dates in the university calendar. It’s the week when new students converge on the university eager to explore and find their niche before they start classes and hit the books. The UNSW published O Week material is instrumental in conveying the where, the what, and the how for that week. War developed an overarching identity for O Week which was rolled out to a brochure, supporting collateral and website

23rd January 2011

I Need Nice Things

I Need Nice Things is a new concept in buying affordable artwork online. We’ve been commissioned to build the brand from the ground up, from naming to identity across all points of contact including print, online and advertising and even including the curation and creation of all the online artwork. And each week we will be launching new product, so watch this space.

15th December 2010

University of New South Wales

We were excited when the Student Recruitment team at UNSW appointed us to work on their Undergraduate Guide in 2010. Since then we’ve enjoyed a a rare partnership with a fantastic team of energetic and dedicated people. The identity we developed for the Undergraduate Guide has been rolled out across the faculties and the results has lead to us working on new projects across various divisions of the University.

13th July 2009

Fred International

Fred international is a boutique importer of modern Scandinavian furniture. With an audience of mainly interior designers and architects, the business sought to portray a premium yet attainable positioning, balanced with a friendly, approachable personality. Beginning with naming, War Design sought to differentiate the brand from the ground up, and deliver a ‘friendly approachable’ personality for the brand. Fred means ‘peace’ in Swedish, but in Australia he is a bloke! The brand identity thus became an investigation of personal identity itself, and the potential to play games with the audience about whether Fred is real or not was a fertile territory to play in.

18th June 2009

RHE Architects

War was contacted by a successful UK architectural firm who positioned themselves as ‘future driven architects’. However after 10 years of practice their brand identity no longer reflected who they were and what they did. Our approach was to take the time to understand what made them tick & to apply this aesthetic to their identity. The result is a bold, graphic identity that when applied, uses technology (online) and finishes (print) to reflect that they are always pushing the boundaries.

24th February 2009

Brown Fox

BrownFox offers a new approach to data exchange, delivering complete Managed File Transfer capabilities. This technical product is way ahead of its competition from pricing through to its usability, speed and security. Beginning with naming, War sought to differentiate from the ground up delivering an identity that says safer, faster & better in an easy to understand and memorable way.

20th February 2009

The Cool Hunter & Harper Collins

The Cool Hunter celebrates creativity in all of its modern manifestations. Their online publications
are a hub for the newest and most innovative industries and professions. They showcase the most celebrated examples of architecture, design, fashion, travel and pop culture. War Design has been appointed as the custodians of The Cool Hunter branding and to design the first in a range 
of Cool Hunter lifestyle books – World’s Coolest Hotel Rooms, published by Harper Collins, New York.

15th May 2008

Logan Wines

Logan Wines was launched 11 years ago by the Logan family. Since then, they’ve built a reputation for beautifully, crafted wines, occupying a niche position both in Australia and overseas in markets such as Japan, the UK and Europe. War Design were commissioned to build the Logan Wines brand from the ground up. Rolled out across all touch points, the hand drawn Logan logo, combined with playful hand written typography, beautiful black and white imagery and an attention to production and printing quality, ensured a memorable identity. www.loganwines.com.au