27th October 2013

Logan Wines

When War launched in 2004 one of our first clients was Logan Wines so, as you can imagine, they hold a very special place in our hearts. We are continuously working on projects, anything and everything, from launching new brands to extending product ranges or working on brand & event collateral. Sometimes we forget to tell you about all the great work, however, but that’s about to change. Here’s our latest Logan update:


Meet our new Temp
We’re pleased to introduce you to the newest member of the Logan wine team, Weemala Tempranillo. Native to Spain, ‘Temp’ as it’s often called, is a black grape so who better to feature on the label than a Black faced Cuckoo Shrike. Handsome little devil, isn’t he! (Weemala is both an Aboriginal word for ‘good view’ and the name of the Logan vineyard in Mudgee. The little devils on the label are all the local Mudgee birds that have a very good view of the Logan vines).


Issue No. Fifteen
We cannot believe we are up to Issue Fifteen of the Logan Newsletter. How time flies. The latest instalment features Sophie the Dalmatian and a stunning illustration of Poppies and Peonies by our very own talented designer Dana. There’s wine notes, news & events and it’s worth checking out for the recipe from Movida alone – the most amazing slow cooked lamb!

27th June 2013

Undergraduate Campaign for 2014

Our good friends in Student Recruitment at the University of NSW recently had us develop an overarching identity for the new print collateral aimed at potential 2014 undergraduates. Employing simplified messages and strong colour & typography, the identity pushed some of the traditional boundaries while maintaining UNSW’s brand guidelines. The identity was first implemented in a 28pp brochure, which used a subtle gloss varnish type on the matt laminated cover, some great infographics, and intriguing profiles of key people around the uni. A series of banners was also developed, making further use of the infographics to impart facts of university life in a fun and accessible way.

26th June 2013

Ridge of Tears

War was once again entrusted with creating Logan Wine’s latest label for their high-end shiraz, Ridge of Tears. We drew on the winemakers family history to give us inspiration. The face on this label personifies Peter Logan’s great ancestors and ‘DRUIM NAN DEUR’ is Scottish Gaelic for ‘RIDGE OF TEARS’, the old Logan clan war cry. It’s an apt name for a wine that has, by his own admission, aged this winemaker. While making the best possible shiraz is painstaking, designing the label was a far more enjoyable and smoother experience!

14th November 2012

Movember at War

It’s Movember, if you haven’t already noticed from the dodgy facial hair that’s sprouting on the faces of men the world over. The male staff at War have decided to jump on board to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues, specifically prostate and male mental health. We’d appreciate any donation you can make: http://mobro.co/TheHairyPrivates

17th July 2011

UNSW – O-Week

O Week is one of the most important dates in the university calendar. It’s the week when new students converge on the university eager to explore and find their niche before they start classes and hit the books. The UNSW published O Week material is instrumental in conveying the where, the what, and the how for that week. War developed an overarching identity for O Week which was rolled out to a brochure, supporting collateral and website

5th July 2011

UNSW – Postgraduate Guide

Since being appointed to work with the Student Recruitment team in 2010, we’ve enjoyed a rare partnership with a fantastic team of energetic and dedicated people. Building on a look and feel we developed for the Undergraduate Guide earlier in the year, our next step was to produce the Postgraduate Guide 2011. The design reflects a modern, sophisticated and progressive campus that provides an environment for learning and enrichment.

5th February 2011

UNSW, tackling the big issues

From climate change, to mental health and housing affordability, UNSW is striving to find solutions to the big issues facing us in the 21st century. Recently we had the privilege of working on a report that appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald, outlining how UNSW Post Graduates are making their mark in these key areas.

23rd January 2011

I Need Nice Things

I Need Nice Things is a new concept in buying affordable artwork online. We’ve been commissioned to build the brand from the ground up, from naming to identity across all points of contact including print, online and advertising and even including the curation and creation of all the online artwork. And each week we will be launching new product, so watch this space.

15th December 2010

University of New South Wales

We were excited when the Student Recruitment team at UNSW appointed us to work on their Undergraduate Guide in 2010. Since then we’ve enjoyed a a rare partnership with a fantastic team of energetic and dedicated people. The identity we developed for the Undergraduate Guide has been rolled out across the faculties and the results has lead to us working on new projects across various divisions of the University.

20th October 2010

Macquarie Telecom

Over the past 15 years Macquarie Telecom has established itself as a leading player in the business to business telco market. Since 2005, War has established a strong on-going relationship with Macquarie and currently act as guardians of their brand, developing Annual Report and Prospectuses along with Marketing and Internal Communications collateral.