22nd February 2010

Apple Tree Flat

Allow us to indulge in a little story telling. Once upon a time in a little town called Apple Tree Flat lived a humble winemaker who created a range of quality wines that were affordable enough to enjoy everyday. Our role was to bring this lovely little story to life. And we did, using hand drawn illustrations featuring the people, places and experiences of the winemaker’s home and life on the winery. And they drank happily ever after.

19th August 2009

C Magazine

C Magazine is the quarterly publication for Corporate Culture published by Indesign Group. War collaborated on developing a masthead and layouts that reflected the existing Corporate Culture identity but pushed the editorial design. The idea is to have the treatment of the C change for each issue to best reflect the theme of the lead story. The result is a fresh approach that sets up a style that can be carried across all future issues.

13th July 2009

Fred International

Fred international is a boutique importer of modern Scandinavian furniture. With an audience of mainly interior designers and architects, the business sought to portray a premium yet attainable positioning, balanced with a friendly, approachable personality. Beginning with naming, War Design sought to differentiate the brand from the ground up, and deliver a ‘friendly approachable’ personality for the brand. Fred means ‘peace’ in Swedish, but in Australia he is a bloke! The brand identity thus became an investigation of personal identity itself, and the potential to play games with the audience about whether Fred is real or not was a fertile territory to play in.

18th June 2009

RHE Architects

War was contacted by a successful UK architectural firm who positioned themselves as ‘future driven architects’. However after 10 years of practice their brand identity no longer reflected who they were and what they did. Our approach was to take the time to understand what made them tick & to apply this aesthetic to their identity. The result is a bold, graphic identity that when applied, uses technology (online) and finishes (print) to reflect that they are always pushing the boundaries.

20th May 2009

Logan ‘Signature’ wines

Peter Logan’s very particular approach to his winemaking inspired the choice of dimensional embroidery. This unique approach to embroidery was a fitting metaphor for the patience, care and love that goes into every bottle. By embroidering beautiful, intricate compositions of fruits, berries, leaves and flowers, each label visually represents the textures and flavors inside.

24th February 2009

Brown Fox

BrownFox offers a new approach to data exchange, delivering complete Managed File Transfer capabilities. This technical product is way ahead of its competition from pricing through to its usability, speed and security. Beginning with naming, War sought to differentiate from the ground up delivering an identity that says safer, faster & better in an easy to understand and memorable way.

20th February 2009

The Cool Hunter & Harper Collins

The Cool Hunter celebrates creativity in all of its modern manifestations. Their online publications
are a hub for the newest and most innovative industries and professions. They showcase the most celebrated examples of architecture, design, fashion, travel and pop culture. War Design has been appointed as the custodians of The Cool Hunter branding and to design the first in a range 
of Cool Hunter lifestyle books – World’s Coolest Hotel Rooms, published by Harper Collins, New York.

20th June 2008


‘Weemala’ is the aboriginal name for the district where the grapes are grown and to the local indigenous Wiradjuri people it also means ‘good view’. This insight inspired a series of labels featuring hand illustrated native birds. Reproduced in simple black and white to enhance their presence in an overly colourful environment.

15th May 2008

Logan Wines

Logan Wines was launched 11 years ago by the Logan family. Since then, they’ve built a reputation for beautifully, crafted wines, occupying a niche position both in Australia and overseas in markets such as Japan, the UK and Europe. War Design were commissioned to build the Logan Wines brand from the ground up. Rolled out across all touch points, the hand drawn Logan logo, combined with playful hand written typography, beautiful black and white imagery and an attention to production and printing quality, ensured a memorable identity. www.loganwines.com.au

28th March 2008

IAG Sustainability Report

Each year IAG publish a sustainability report summarising their sustainability policy, key indicators and results. Starting with global issues, we used cut down pages and oversized, full bleed bitmapped images as a device to show the various sustainability issues and relate it down to the individual shareholder. This unique approach ensured an arresting visual explanation of how the big picture issues of sustainability translate across the IAG business, all the way back to the individual shareholder.