5th November 2013

Four Pillars Gin

Four Pillars Dry Gin is crafted to be a distinctively modern Australian Classic.


Four Pillars is a small Australian distillery in the Yarra Valley, with their first release to be a batch-distilled rare dry gin. Their ambition is to make the best craft spirits in Australia, elevate the art of distilling and celebrate the craft of cocktail making. The gin is built on a foundation of four pillars: an amazing copper pot still (Wilma); water from the Yarra Valley; botanicals sourced from Australia and across the globe; and a whole lot of love.


Designing a distinctively modern Australian brand was a wonderful experience for everyone at War. Involved from the very beginning – and including brand strategy, bottle & label design, art direction, and online/e-commerce – was incredibly rewarding. Almost as rewarding as working so closely with the brand team (and owners) made up of the talented distiller Cameron Mackenzie, Stuart Gregor, owner of Liquid Ideas and Matt Jones, strategist and principal of Better Happy. The purity of their approach to the craft of distilling, and their desire to create a timeless classic, is what inspired our designs. Our objective was to launch a brand that reflected modern Australia and did justice to the purity of their ‘craft’ approach. Employing copper foil, inspired by Four Pillar amazing copper Carl Still (named Wilma), and with the selection of the Clarendon typeface throughout to impart masculinity and classicality, we’re believe we’ve created a label to be remembered.


Shaken or stirred? Wet or dry? Olive or a twist? We just can’t wait to get our hands on a bottle from the first batch of rare dry gin – available in Australia’s best bars and independent retailers this December.